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Manufacturing - Assembly

Darchi Systems works with it’s client companies and partners to create consumer or industrial products by integrating one or all
of our core disciplines:
_Fibre optic manufacturing
_Prototyping and complex mechanical assembly
_Product cost reduction and production line troubleshooting
_Design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA)


During the development process, we verify the design by building prototypes to fine tune the product details. Once the design is completed,
our assembly team manages and delivers the ‘first-runs’ as well as full production. When a product reaches higher volume, our team can transfer fine-tuned, mature designs with complete documentation to larger Contract Manufacturers of your choice.
Our extensive experience with many of leaders in CM field will ensure a seamless transition to volume production.

Manufacturing Support​

Our innovation-driven team is committed to developing and building efficient manufacturing and assembly fixtures. If you require a burn-in chassis, a PCB debugging chassis with easy access for trouble-shooting or precision positioning assembly tools, contact us. We have extensive experience in assembly of electro-mechanical devices, including fibre optic components and devices.