Our Products & Services

Our Business

Product Development

From mechanical design to manufacturing support, Darchi has the right people, tools, experience and motivation to help you deliver a quality
product, on time.

Our vision

As a leader in product architecture and mechanical design for consumer products and technology systems, Darchi is applying
it’s skills to the fields of medical devices, HVAC, military and consumer products.

Our Expertise

  • Mechanical Engineering/Design
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Industrial Design
  • System Architecture
  • Precision-motorized devices
  • Design Verification/Derisk
  • Design Documentation
  • Fibre optic manufacturing
  • Product cost reduction
  • Design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA)

Our Design Capabilities

  • Plastics, die-casting, sheetmetal design
  • Thermal and stress analysis
  • Electronics packaging
  • Optical module and component packaging
  • System Architecture – power, cooling, and interconnect
  • Compliance Testing Management